The Indian Evangelical Mission is an indigenous and inter-denominational missionary organization labouring in India and outside for more than 35 years. The IEM is headquartered in Bangalore and now it has mission fields spread across about 37 places in India and in six other countries - UK, Sudan, West Asia, Thailand, Papua New Guinea and Philippines. It has 463 missionaries working among nearly 50 different people groups all over India. The Lord has brought thousands of people to His fold through the ministry of IEM over the years.

A people group comprises of people of same colour, culture and socio-economic linguistic background. The IEM missionaries will be trained to work among a people group and after the completion of their training at IEM's Outreach Training Institute (OTI), they will be sent to the mission field to learn their language and live among them so as to fulfill Godís commission. When a few people respond to the gospel a worship center is started in that place, after a period of time when the missionaries are certain that they are firm in the Lord, they are then given baptism and gradually a church will be established and the new believers are taught to minister and to share the gospel to their own people.

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